About Us

About Us

The Joy Of Movement

Children with shining eyes and full of self-confidence - that is our motivation, the reason for our passion to give children PUKY® toys and vehicles to the hand, which are fun and at the same time optimally support and promote them in their motor development.

For 70 years we have been building bicycles, tricycles, running wheels, sliding vehicles and scooters sustainably and regionally in Germany with a strong focus on social entrepreneurship. PUKY® vehicles are assembled in more than a dozen workshops for people with disabilities, who build "their" PUKYs with just as much joy and pride as we do.

For decades, our innovation laboratory has always found the right answers to the ever-changing challenges that children pose to us. Light and durable, functional and with a modern design. The PUKY® product range offers all these attributes with the aim of getting children moving with fun and safe vehicles. Movement makes you smart and demonstrably promotes the development of the brain!

We know that every child has a natural joy in movement that can be trained and encouraged!