Puky / Eightshot Clearance items

Puky / Eightshot Clearance items

Puky / Eightshot Clearance Bikes

On our website you'll see a "CLEARANCE" section, we wanted to spend a small amount of time explaining why these bikes are discounted and what you can expect when you buy one.

Unless otherwise indicated these bikes are sold in perfect working order and sold with full warranty.

The bikes are being sold in the clearance section because the boxes are not in a state that our retailers accept.

We might send you the bike in the damaged but repaired box, or you might get the bike in a new but incorrectly labelled box

The bike might have some small marks on it from transport, or it might be 100% perfect in side.  We do not have time to open all the boxes to check them.  So expect some marks and hopefully you'll be pleasantly suprised, when there are none.  The boxes in almost all cases do a great job of protecting the product, even if on the outside they look a bit battered.

If you have any questions about a specific bike in the clearance section, please just ask.